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Invites Your

Scouting Council
Rotary International District
AFP Chapter

To Support with Local-Area Publicity
The First ALL Southern California

Community Preparedness Awareness Campaign

To The Needs of America's Communities to

'Be Prepared'

The All Southern California Community Preparedness Awareness
Campaign will be Coordinated by Members of

Eagle ScoutParents (ESP) - Cahuenga District WLACC BSA
Rotary Clubs of Rotary International District 5260
The International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians (IFSR)
Association of Fundraising Professionals - GSFV Chapter

July 2008

Eagle ScoutParents - Southern California

Emergency Survival
Preparedness Plan

Seven (7) Districts
Rotary International
Will Be Invited To Participate

Graphic at

District 5240 - Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, San Luis. District 5260 - Antelope, Owens, Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys in Southern California.  
District 5280 - Los Angeles and nearby communities.
District 5300 - San Gabriel Valley East to Nevada. District 5320  - 47 clubs with 2,278 members all located within 30 miles of each other in Orange County
District 5330  - San Bernardino, Redlands, Arrowhead /Big Bear, Palm Springs, Murrieta, Riverside.
District 5340  - San Diego

Seven (7) Chapters
Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)
Will Be Invited To Participate

San Diego
Orange County
Inland Empire
Desert Communities Greater Los Angeles
Greater San Fernando Valley
Santa Barbara/Ventura Counties

Eleven (11) Councils
Boy Scouts of America
Will Be Invited To Participate

Southern Sierra Council
Ventura County Council 
Western Los Angeles County Council
Verdugo Hills Council
Los Angeles Area Council
San Gabriel Valley Council
Long Beach Council
Orange County Council
Los Padres Council
Inland Empire Council
San Diego-Imperial Council

Sixty-One (61) Active Scouting Rotarians
Will Be Invited To Participate

International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians (IFSR)

Inviting ... Parents/Grandparents of Eagle Scouts and Eagle Scouts that are Now Parents to be involved and Participate with Local Area Publicity in the
First All Southern California

Coordinated by

ESP Logo

Southern California
BSA National Parent Initiative / BSA Alumni Connection


 Key Eagle ScoutParents
'Be Prepared' Concepts

Eagle ScoutParents
Parenting and Community Service

'Be Prepared'
Emergency Survival Preparedness

Clean & Safe Water

The ESP STRATEGY to 'Be Prepared' is Leadership.

Who better than Scouts, ScoutParents, Eagle ScoutParents, Scouting Rotarians and Professional Development Officers to lead their Families, Friends, Neighbors, Associates, Employees and Communities?


Eagle ScoutParents Preparedness
Presentations and Events

August 2008

ESP Presenter at Santa Clarita Rotary Club Sunrise

BICEPP Board Meeting -

AFP/GSFV Chapter Presenter & Meeting Sponsor

Rotary District 5260 Community Service Presentation at DLM

September 2008

5th Annual Homeland Security and Citizen Corps
National Preparedness Month

Be Prepared. DHS announced last Thursday that more than 1,200 national, regional, state, and local businesses and organizations have pledged their support and joined the 2008 National Preparedness Month Coalition. Sponsored by the department's Ready Campaign, National Preparedness Month helps to raise awareness and promote action by Americans, businesses, and communities on emergency preparedness.

October 2008

The American Red Cross - Orange County Chapter
2008 Disaster Preparedness Academy

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Lucy Jones
"The Great Southern California ShakeOut" 

November 2008

AFP/GSFV Chapter National Philanthropy Day -

The Great Southern California ShakeOut

To Register:

The Great Southern California ShakeOut is a week of special events featuring the largest earthquake drill in U.S. history, organized to inspire Southern Californians to get ready for big earthquakes, and to prevent disasters from becoming catastrophes. These activities are based on the ShakeOut Scenario, a realistic portrayal of what will happen in a southern San Andreas earthquake.

What You Can Do To Help 'Be Prepared'

* Help Publicize and Inform - Awareness is The Key
* Get Involved with ESP Presentations and Events
* Raise Awareness and Funds with the Eagle ScoutParents ESP Personal-Sized ARK ('Alternative Revenue Kampaign) Survival Kit Fundraising

Prepare Today to 'Be Prepared'

Click Here to view photos illustrating events attended by Eagle ScoutParents (ESP) in building this ESP Model to Enhance Scouting Participation (ESP)

through Emergency Survival Preparedness (ESP) in every neighborhood

and community in which there are Eagle ScoutParents ... which includes
every neighborhood and community in America.

Wolfstein, Baden-Powell, Togenson

Nathan and Erik with Lord Robert Baden Powell at the Cuhuenga District
"Genesis: Support Our Troops" Camporee 2007

About the Co-Founders of
Eagle ScoutParents

Nathan A. Wolfstein IV

Eagle ScoutParents - Southern California

Professional Volunteer, Fundraiser & Charity Adviser
Noah's Water Fundraising / WHF Marketing Group
Direct CA Mobile: (818)388-6664

Rotarian of the Year 2008 - Granada Hills Rotary Club
Webmaster 2008-09 - Granada Hills Rotary Club
Co-Chair, Community Service 2008-09 - Rotary Int'l District 5260

Co-Founder, Eagle ScoutParents - BSA National Parent Initiative

Co-Chair, Eagle ScoutParents and the Eagle ScoutParents Emergency Survival Preparedness (ESP) Program and Cahuenga District Centennial Camporees 2007-2010 / Cahuenga District Centennial 'Be Prepared' Games of Scouting Camporee 2009 - April 24-26 on the Tejon Ranch

Webmaster 2008-09, International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians (IFSR)

VP Communication 2008-09, Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) - Greater San Fernando Valley Chapter

Erik H. Torgerson

Professional Volunteer, Fundraiser and Charity Advisor

Graphic Arts and Printing Professional

Erik is a lifetime Scout, having earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1966

He has held many positions as a volunteer Scouter; including, Webelos
Leader, Scoutmaster, Commissioner, Roundtable Commissioner, District
Commissioner and District Chairman.

An advocate of training, Erik has served on many training teams from
Cub Scouting, JLT, Scouter Training and Commissioner Science .

His own advanced training includes: Woodbadge and a PhD in Commissioner Science.

He currently is the Co-Chair of the Cahuenga District Centennial Camporees 2007- 2010
and is a Co-Founder of Eagle ScoutParents - BSA National Parent Initiative

The Eagle ScoutParents
Emergency Survival Preparedness (ESP) Alternative Revenue Kampaign (ARK)

ESP Logo

Southern California
BSA National Parent Initiative / BSA Alumni Connection

Contact Information:

Eagle ScoutParents


The Eagle ScoutParents Alternative
Emergency Survival Preparedness (ESP)
'Be Prepared' Fundraising Program

Focus: Year I - 2008

Start by asking "Are Your Prepared for an Emergency?" First, start Your 'Be Prepared' course of action. Second, buy one or more ESP ARK III Kits, as the first step in the process of ESP Awareness and Preparation. Third, put Your ESP ARK III Kit where you can get to it when you need it.

One Product - One Price for All

The ESP ARK III retails for $20. per unit. The cost per unit (when delivered to Your BSA Council in a pallet of 50 cartons of 12 units or 600 units) is $14. per unit or $148 per case of 12 units.

This fixed-fee pricing system allows for a 30%-on-Gross Earned Revenue., which equals $6. per unit and $72. per case of 12 units

This includes freight charges, which have been averaged to allow for a 'Same-and-Equal' revenue-generating opportunity for all BSA Councils throughout the United States.

Order Entry, Processing, Payment & Delivery

Order Entry:  ESP Order Form Online:

Front Side of ESP Order Form:
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Back Side of ESP Order Form:
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On request, Your Logo can be inserted on one or both sides of the ESP Order Form.

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