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Eagle ScoutParents is part of the
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Eagle ScoutParents (ESP) Mission

The mission of Eagle ScoutParents is to inspire
Parents of Eagle Scouts and Eagle Scouts that are Now Parents to re-connect
with Scouting in ways that maximize the combined and available
resources of time, energy and dollars in direct support and benefit
of Scouting Programs and Neighborhood Community Services.

Eagle ScoutParents Inspirational Poems

Because Of Our Son

Because of our son, we found a job to do.
We became Scouters, tried and true!
We understand boys better, because of our son.
It happened through Scouting, oh what fun!
Because of our son, it was all worthwhile,
Oh, what a reward, to see a boy's smile!
It's endless, the pleasures gained from Scouting,
Because of our son, we attended each meeting,
And we've gained many friends beyond measure.
Tis indeed blessed to hold, such a wonderful treasure!
Hours that were idle, are now filled to the brim.
Because of our son, we enjoy life with him!
Because of our son, we've a new way of life.
We recommend Scouting for each Husband and Wife!

An Eagle Mom's Poem

It's every mother's dream to see,
her son grow tall and strong.
To teach him what is right to be,
to keep him from the wrong.

Mom so loves that little boy,
and uses all the skills at her employ.
She teaches him the things she can,
and hopes that he'll become a man.

He learns that words can hurt or heal,
that words can change the way we feel.
He learns that truth is right and good,
to treat his fellow man the way he should.

He learns that where there's greatest freedom in this world,
there also stands his Nation's flag unfurled.
He learns to live by faith and love,
to always trust in God above.

The years have passed and in their wake,
a taller straighter lad there stands.
And mother's pride is great indeed,
her little boy is nearly a man.

An Eagle Scout

-- Thanks to Ed Schmitt

An Eagle Dad's Poem

I saw a chubby little boy,
In uniform of blue,
A jaunty cap was on his head,
His shoes were shiny, too.

His eyes were wide, expectant;
He glowed fresh from the tub.
His air said, "Let's get on with it!"
This my son the Cub.

I saw a slightly larger boy,
Much taller, leaner, too;
He stood up straight and proud,
In garb of khaki hue.

He now has more determination,
In his face there is no doubt;
I'm pleased to see his confidence,
This is my son, the Scout.

I know he'll strive to do his best,
This bigger boy, not yet a man,
Will grow in strength, in law and skill,
For him, I'm sure, God has a plan.

God, guide his path, make straight his way,
Make his goal be high, his courage stout,
That humbly, yet proudly, I will know,
This is *MY* son, the Eagle Scout!

-- Thanks to Paul Sweeney, sweeney@mdc.net, ASM, T-7, Lowell, Ma

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