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Your Challenge As a Member of
Eagle ScoutParents

As a member of Eagle ScoutParents, your work will be a labor of love.

While it is nearly impossible to give back all you have received, it will be shared collectively as a token of 'Your Sincere Thanks' for what Scouting made available to you and yours. Your challenge will be dictated by your desire and by the type of service you provide.

Through your membership in Eagle ScoutParents, the amount of service provided through your time, talents and treasures will be your decision and should be made at your personal level of commitment.

ESP Members will deliver programs and services that will inspire individual members, the unit, the district, and the council.

The ESP Mom or Dad project you choose should be one that shows your passion or one that encompasses the life skills you have learned through business, Scouting, and your personal family dynamics. A project may be ongoing or one that provides a single one-time opportunity for service.

There will be many projects that involve several Eagle ScoutParents working together to have fun and to help to lessen the work needed by everyone. Current projects, or those of your own under-taking, should leave you feeling encouraged and with a sense of accomplishment. Projects worth exploring will come from many places and will involve all aspects of Scouting and community service.

Do you have a good idea on how to make Scouting more viable in your community?

Does your unit need a fundraising effort that has purpose and will help all that participate?

Will the desire to collect historical information on Scouting and the opportunity to publish this information to your community excite you?

Will the prospect of implementing an emergency preparedness model that helps First Responders and your hometown have meaning to you?

Does your Scouting and business experience allow you to become a merit badge counselor or an Eagle Scout mentor?

How about developing a task force that helps identify Eagle Scout projects or mentors for Scouts on their trail to Eagle.

There are endless ideas that you may think of or can become engaged in. The commitment to your involvement is solely yours. We want to help make it a reality.


Our ESP Challenge

We challenge all Eagle ScoutParents to
Complete the ESP SURVEY
and start getting re-involved with Scouting.

Who knows, you may even choose to do an
Eagle Scout Parent Mom or Dad Project.
One of the Truths, we hold to be self-evident is:
"There is no Eagle Scout that wasn't supported by his Parent(s).

Yes, Your Son and/or You is/are an Eagle Scout and
YOU are an Eagle Scout Parent.

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